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Teach your Children to Floss!

Floss Boss Sep 22, 2020

Brushing alone will not remove all of the food and bacteria off of your teeth. It’s important to teach your child that flossing helps to fully clean between the gum line and the side of each tooth, which is often missed when brushing. We recommend children should start flossing when two teeth grow next to each other.

As part of our 5 Minute Rule, we recommend everyone floss for one minute every day to help remove bacteria and help prevent cavities. Here are our tips to teach your children how to floss correctly!

Step 1: To begin, have your child cut off about a foot of dental floss and stand in front of the mirror so they can make sure the floss is going where it should go.

Step 2: Wrap the ends of the floss around each of your index fingers to gain better control. Careful not to apply too much pressure when inserting the floss between your child’s teeth!

Step 3: Hold the floss with your thumb and index fingers and gently slide the floss up and down along the side of each tooth and under the gumline. Make sure a new section of floss should be used for each tooth to avoid reinsertion of food and plaque.

Tips for those with braces:

  • Make sure the floss goes between their teeth and the main wire.
  • Press the floss between the two teeth as gently as you can. Then, move the floss up and down along the sides of both teeth.
  • When removing the floss, unthread it from behind the wire. Avoid popping the flossing out of the tooth and dislodging the wire.

Floss comes in all sorts of colors and flavors, so try out a few different ones until you find one that excites your children.

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