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Healthy Oral Tips for the Summer

Summer Jul 07, 2020

Summer is finally here! With the last few months dedicated to quarantine, summer may feel like a time for your children to let loose and have fun. While school may be out and the weather warmer, it’s still important to maintain a consistent oral health routine.

Five Minute Rule: First and foremost, follow our 5 Minute rule every day for strong, healthy teeth. Two minutes of brushing every morning after breakfast, two minutes of brushing before you go to bed, and one minute of flossing every day.

Schedule Your Checkup: With school out, schedules open up a bit more. Take this break to get the dentist on the calendar. If you feel overwhelmed with camping trips, BBQs and pool time, make the dentist part of your back to school routine in August. Give us a call to get your visit scheduled now!

Stock up on Healthy Snacks: With children at home all day right now, snacking has become second nature. Limit the sugar-bugs that end up on teeth by keeping your kitchen stocked with healthy snacks. It’s hard to limit the binging, but with fruits and vegetables cleaned and cut, they’ll be ready to grab. You’ll feel better about them snacking on strawberries and carrots, rather than cookies and potato chips.

Watch for Dental Emergencies: Summer activities like swimming, bike riding, playgrounds and sports can bring the potential for dental emergencies. Make sure to educate your children about proper safety measures for summer activities to minimize injuries. Accidents do happen though, and when one does, make sure you feel prepared. Give us a call and we can help walk you through the steps to help your child from minimizing the pain, cleaning the wound and reducing the damage.

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