We take pride in gifting your child with a beautiful smile. A happy smile is a huge boost in confidence that goes a long way in life. We monitor your child's mouth and face develops right from their early years. We examine each tooth individually. If braces are needed, a plan is drawn up in consultation with you, the parent.
The first orthodontics consultation
Here we take photos, measurements and X-rays of your child's tooth so we know what they need. We'll review the information we find with you. At this point we'll recommend the most suitable treatments and discuss financial options. Don't worry, at Happy Kids we accept most insurance plans. If you need help with healthcare expenses, we'll guide you through your application for CareCredit.
The first appointment after consultation
Now that we know what your child needs, we'll be taking impressions of their lower and upper teeth. Separate elastics will be placed around the six year molars. X-rays will be done and a wax-bite taken. Keep an ibuprofen at hand in case your child feels any mild discomfort.
The bracketing appointment
Your child's teeth will be cleaned and bands and brackets will be placed. Wires will be secured in colored elastics. We will take new photos and provide you with detailed aftercare information.
Routine checkups
It's important for us to check up on your child every 6 or 8 weeks, unless the doctor recommends otherwise. This is necessary to keep the top teeth aligned and to prevent cavities. If your child is also scheduled for cleaning appointments we hold them together with the orthodontic appointments so that it's more effective.
Take-off time!
We'll be monitoring your child closely for the most appropriate time for them to take off their braces. Every child is different and they all respond to the process differently. All updates will be communicated with you.
Why choose braces at HKD?
At HKD, we ensure maximum efficiency with minimum visits!
Early vs late treatment
Children are screened to determine the treatment most suitable for them.
Happy smiles
Come check out our before and after gallery!
Emergency Information
Immediately call us in case an orthodontic appliance breaks or loosens. We strongly advise that you let us know before you come into our office so that we have time to arrange for a repair or replacement.
Loose brackets or bands
If the bracket or wire loosens it means it needs to be refitted at the earliest. In case this happens in the night or over the weekend, you might have to cut a wire yourself. Use a fingernail clipper, cleaned and sterilized in alcohol. Schedule an appointment with us the next business day.
Wire irritations
If a wire causes discomfort, move it away from the irritated area with a cotton swab or eraser. If the wire is immovable, simply cover its end with a small piece of cotton or some wax. If the wire causes pain, cut it with a nail clipper, cleaned and sterilized in alcohol. If the irritation persists, call us for an appointment.
Lost separators
This isn't uncommon. A lot of patients lose a separator over the course of the treatment. Call us and we'll see if it needs to be replaced.
Discomfort with the treatment
Your child might experience pain and soreness during the initial first week of wearing braces. We suggest giving them acetaminophen or a non-aspirin pain reliever. You can also use a warm washcloth or heating pad to reduce the soreness in the jaw.